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Posted on May 3, 2015 at 10:35 PM

plumbing inspections is one of the services we offer, Our trained contractors inspect every part of the plumbing system and plumbing fixtures, write a detailed report, and provide a detailed estimate of possible necessary repairs to the homeowner or real-estate agent.

There are times in life like buying a new home when a more thorough plumbing inspection is called for that could ward off a potential major headache and will offer a great measure of comfort. If you are in the market for a new home it is often wise, and sometimes required, that inspections of major structures and systems take place.

The professionals at City Wide recommend that you also have us inspect the plumbing system to make sure your new home is everything you dream about. We check all the fixtures, plumbing-based appliances, drains, sprinkler systems, sewer connections, water pipes and mains to ensure they are working to peak performance and that you won't have to face unforeseen and costly repairs once you move into your new home. These plumbing inspection services range from having one of our professional and fully Licensed contractor check out every system in the house for any obvious problems, to more detailed diagnostic services if a potential problem is identified. The costs vary, as detailed diagnostics run the gamut from simple to complex yet plumbing issues could have very real material effects on a home-purchasing decision

A Complete Plumbing System Inspection before you buy will lead to years of worry-free ownership and the lifestyle you want.

Of course, home sellers could use plumbing inspection services to their benefit, as well. Often a system that isn't working properly will be the seller's responsibility to fix before a sale is consummated, and this could lead to unnecessary delays. Have the plumbing system inspected before the home is listed for sale, take care of any problems, and avoid any delays in making the sale happen on time.

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