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 Gas Pipe Repair Replacement And Installation In Your Home or Business.

 Handling of gas piping is not as simple as it may seam. Knowledge of plumbing code regarding gas systems, along with knowing local City codes and ordinances is essential for someone to start even thinking about getting in to any gas work. Often people dismiss and disregard these rules and consequently serious accidents happen. Some so called plumbers have misinformed consumers about the necessity of following the basic rules of gas work handling, in order to avoid giving out high job estimates. Unfortunately gas is an explosive fuel, one can’t cut corners and job costs are what they are.


Why Choose City Wide As Your Gas installation, Repair or Replacement Specialist.

  1. we are licensed C-36 & B contractor.
  2. We are certified polyethylene gas pipe Socket and Butt Fusion specialists
  3. Before we provide an estimate for a gas pipe repair, installation or replacement we: Will pressure test the exiting gas pipe system for integrity, in addition when adding new fixture(s) we will conduct a gas sizing study in order to determine if the existing and the new gas pipe systems meet code.
  4. We will provide great value for your money.


 Gas leak detection and location

We are specialized and equipped with state of the art electronics to handle just about any gas leak detection situation.


 Gas leak repair

Together with our gas leak detection skills comes our vast experience in gas leak repairs. From fixing a small gas leak at your water heater gas valve to repairing multiple gas leaks in a complex commercial gas pipe system we handle it all.