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Pipe Leak Repair Options For Your Glendale Home Or Business

Posted on March 24, 2013 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1)

A traditional pipe leak repair option is a direct spot repair, where we will use traditional methods to access a leak in a pipe. If the pipe is above ground, the building structure is cut away and the leaking segment is replaced.  If the leak is under concrete slab, direct repair requires jack hammering to access the leak. The other traditional option is repiping of the entire system. A repipe often requires re-routing of pipe. Call our experienced, competent, well-trained Pipe leak repair plumbers at: (818) 429-9500 they are here in Glendale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your pipe leak repair needs. Please take note of some of the other repair options below:


1. Under Floor Slab Leaks Repair

Often times pipe leaks that are commonly found in San Jose homes and businesses are located under the floor. These leaks can be seen under a slabs or a raised foundations or wooden floors. Slab leaks are mainly found by the aid of leak location techniques and are accessed by “jack hammering” the floor all the way to the exact location of the pipe leak and performing something we call “spot repair”. I would like to add a this time that spot pipe leak repairs can only be considered “permanent” only if a solid mechanic connection can be made. Most times we find pipe that can take a spot repair but the pipe wall is so deteriorated that we can’t guaranty a permanent solution. Here for obvious reasons we always recommend a copper repipe.  For Under floor slab leak repairs call us today


2. Main Water & Main Gas Pipe leaks, Repair

Main Water lines and Main Gas lines are commonly found buried underground in between the property line and the building. With age, root intervention an

ground movement these pipes can crack, brake, gain separation and rust away. With the help of sophisticated leak detection techniques our plumbers can perform an accurate water pipe or Gas line location and go directly to the affected area to perform a “Spot Repair”. This type of repair lots of times is only considered temporary due to the complete deterioration of the entire pipe, in these cases our plumbers can provide you with a complete proposal and estimate of how to proceed giving you different choices of materials and lay outs. For Gas or water Pipe leak detection or location, repair or replacements call us today at: (818) 429-9500


3.  Ceiling And Wall Gas and Water Leaks

Ceiling and wall water leaks are often the hardest ones to pinpoint and can inflict the most property damage. Water seeping from a pipe leak can travel down walls and throughout ceilings spreading all over the areas, getting everything wet leaving an untrained professional at odds with locating the leak.  Gas leaks located in walls, ceilings and any other confined spaces are the most dangerous ones and require sophisticated leak detection equipment, experience and expertise of a competent professional to handle these situations in a safe manner. You can count on City Wide Plumbing & Construction in Glendale to provide you with the right plumber and the equipment necessary to take care of detecting, locating and repairing any gas leak; water leak located in walls ceilings and confined spaces, with safety and competence. Call us today, one of our gas and water leak detection specialists is eager to help.


4. Pipe Leak Location

Part of many pipe leak repair options, includes the time and labor saving leak location. This procedure involves various techniques and often times very expensive equipment. The goal of pipe leak location is basically pin point the location of the water, gas or sewer leak so that the plumber can access the pipe to be repaired without having to damage large areas of flooring, sealing’s and walls. Of course this can only be done by, a well-trained plumber such as the ones City Wide Plumbing & Construction in Glendale is able to provide.


5. Low Water Pressure And Rusty Water Problems

Low water Pressure and Rusty water often plague Glendale home or business owners plumbing systems, causing pipe leaks and tremendous inconvenience. Low water pressure is often associated with rusted water pipes. When you call us we will send you a experienced plumber that will make a detailed assessment of the entire water pipe system and will let you know if the low water pressure problem is really due to rusty water pipes. If is determined that your water lines have in deed reduced interior diameter due to rust build up; we will recommend above anything else that you consider repiping because unfortunately there is not mush that can be done in terms of a viable long term solution.